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Being a member of ISO means that you are making the best out of UH experience on campus. As an ISO member, you’ll get access to all of our exclusive events, workshops and fun activities!

Did we mention you’ll also get rewards for attending these exclusive workshops & events? 


Scholarships will be awarded to our most active members.

Points will be awarded by attending in person or virtual events, participating in our social media challenges and more! If you have any question please go to our instant chat messenger or email us at

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring all cultures together & promote diversity on campus. Because of that, we do ask for a a membership fee to be able to coordinate and organize events for you:


  • New member: $20 membership fee/semester

  • New member: $35 membership fee/year

If you're ready for awesomeness, please acknowledge & register down below!

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